About Us



UUI is a creatively driven modern design/build firm based in West Berkeley, California. We offer a range of architectural design and construction services from concept through completion.

We combine an informed and thoughtful approach to design with an uncompromising commitment to craft, detail and functionality. We work directly with homeowners for design/build projects and also collaborate with architects and business owners as a general contractor.

We believe that the spaces we live in and around have a profound impact on the quality of our lives.

We are committed to efficient and innovative building methods and the majority of our projects are framed and fabricated at our 8500 square foot shop and assembled on site. From modular and pre-fab construction, to loft conversions and full home design and renovation, our capacity to develop custom projects in UUI’s tightly controlled environment avoids expensive, time-consuming surprises prevalent in conventional on-site construction.

Third generation builders with more than a decade of Bay Area design/build experience, UUI is has developed a reputation for efficiency and effectiveness, its capacity to streamline the construction process and its vision in creating functional, clean, modern objects and spaces.